Covid Measures

Tiverton Community Arts Theatre
Covid-19 Measures

• We monitor current Government guidelines and advice regarding the safety of our venue for all persons (customers, staff and performers)

• COVID-19 Risk Assessment Completed

• The requirement for socially distanced seating has been lifted, but we are keeping certain measures in place to assist in the reduction of the transmission of COVID-19.

Measures and Advice to be implemented and communicated to staff, customers and performers

  1. We are pleased to advise all persons that a brand-new ventilation system has been installed at the theatre. The system draws fresh air into the building enabling the air in the auditorium to be exchanged up to 10 times per hour.
  2. We request that all persons carry out a COVID-19 Rapid Lateral Flow Test prior to their arrival at the theatre. This includes those who are vaccinated and non-vaccinated. This is for the safety of everyone who visits the theatre.
  3. Please do not attend the venue if you have any COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has COVID symptoms.
  4. We encourage customers to continue wearing face masks as they move around the theatre and foyer area. (Toilet, Lounge and Bar areas). This is not a legal requirement and cannot be enforced, but we are aware that many customers may prefer to do so.
  5. All TCAT staff will wear face masks in areas where there are other staff, customers or performers.
  6. We will be monitoring queuing in certain areas to prevent overcrowding.
  7. Customers are encouraged to scan the provided NHS Test & Trace QR code when entering the venue for any show. If they do not have a smart phone or are unable to scan the code, they can leave their details with a member of staff on a formal record.
  8. At certain events we may limit the number of tickets sold in order to maintain a safer environment for staff and customers.
  9. Hand sanitiser stations will be located around the venue.
  10. No fuss Re-Funds. If you or anyone in your party is affected by COVID, we offer a no-quibble credit or refund. Just contact us as soon as you’re able.

TCAT COVID Measures and linked Risk Assessment reviewed, scored and assessed by Health & Safety Consultant, Julia Livesley (IOSH)