Sat 9th Nov 2019
19:30 £13.00 / £11.00

Where is Mrs Christie?

The Mystery of Agatha Christie's Eleven Lost Days


A play by Chris Jaeger, starring Liz Grand

Agatha Christie was one of the greatest thriller writers of all time and certainly the most prolific. In 1926, she was at the centre of a mystery as perplexing as any of her fiction, a series of events which sparked one of the biggest and most extensive police hunts in history. Her crashed car was discovered in Surrey and the famous author was missing, presumed dead by many, for eleven days. However, she was eventually found at a luxury hotel in Harrogate. She claimed then, and for the rest of the life, that she was suffering from amnesia and remembered nothing. Neither the press nor the police believed her. 

Actor Liz Grand (previous one-woman show ‘The Second Best Bed’) presents her new one-woman show ‘Where Is Mrs Christie?’ Did Agatha Christie lie, and if so why? Did she suffer from amnesia? Was it a publicity stunt? Or was there a darker secret involved in this disappearance which was to affect her for the rest of her life?  The answer to all these questions will, as in all good thrillers, be revealed!


“Liz Grand’s performance in the title role is compelling. So persuasive is she that we the audience become co-conspirators. Her Mrs. Christie is irresistibly engaging, vulnerable, confiding and ultimately indomitable in her strength of spirit. It is a master-class in nuanced delivery and dramatic timing, deliberately tantalising, directed unfussily and designed for spot-on period fidelity.” Ian Barge – The Stage ****

Chris Jaeger’s roller-coaster account of the mysterious disappearance of the high priestess of mystery is a gripping piece of theatre, with Liz Grand bringing his words to life with a stunning portrayal of a woman who, for once, seems to have temporarily lost the plot.”   John Phillpott – Worcester News *****

“Liz Grand gives a clear and convincing performance as Mrs Christie…. the mystery surrounding the writer of so many mysteries provides subject matter for an intriguing evening and the full audience left satisfied and rewarded by a fascinating take on a national puzzle.”   Tim Crow Behind The Arras ****