27th to 30th Jun 2019
7.30pm £7 - £10

There must be an Angel

World premiere of a romantic comedy play

The action of the play takes place in the vestry of a village Church. After a Sunday morning service, Reverend Andrew Hewitt is found by loyal Church-goer and Church warden Sarah indulging in a large glass of wine in the vestry. He claims that he has seen a ghost in the Lady Chapel.

The ghost is of Tracey Hunt, a past love of Andrew who has no knowledge of the fact that she was killed in action whilst serving in the army. Throughout the week Tracey appears, unseen by the cast, asking questions whilst characters find themselves giving impromptu answers for no reason. And that not only gives humour, but it also pushes the story along. Andrew Hewitt is recently ordained and has a more modern approach to running the Church. He clashes with the more traditional Sarah who has her feet in the past. Sarah also has reservations that Reverend Hewitt entertains a young lady, Abi, in the Vicarage for unbridled passion.  After a sunny Monday, the night becomes a stormy one and when Andrew enters the Church late at night he is seen by Karen, a divorced homeless lady with virtually no money. According to his faith, he gives shelter and help to Karen, which leads her to camp out in the vestry. The week has its ups and downs when finally, on Saturday, Andrew and Abi finish whatever relationship they had. This allows Karen to move into the Vicarage for Saturday night and then she leaves on the Sunday with her suitcase packed. John, the Church Verger, is a very calm, collected man who see things as they are and never becomes involved, but is supportive to the Vicar in all aspects. Reverend Hewitt finds after the morning service he has no love in his life other than his Angel, Tracey. Or is there an unexpected twist?

Evening performances each day at 7.30pm
Matinee performances on Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June at 2.30pm


Background to the play

Colin Barrow Productions is headed by Colin, a professional playwright. Colin has a portfolio of more than fifty scripts published for worldwide production, of which many are performed worldwide.  One of his plays was the 9th most popular licensed in the UK  in 2018. The group of people involved are from all walks of life who have come forward to be part of a fun friendly non-membership group, to have theatrical fun whether on stage, backstage or helping out to bring live entertainment where the profits after production costs go to a good LOCAL worthy charity. This is the first of a proposed annual programme which will be held at TCAT as the venue. Most of those involved have experience of amateur theatre am-dram and some are new and wanting the opportunity to learn and enjoy.

Many local and national companies who have a history with Colin, have offered help in one way or another in support of this production. This has meant through private negotiations with Colin and have been more than happy to support him. 

Originally Colin proposed to use one of his already published plays, but last August, having just finished a script and awaiting copyright to confirm it’s registration, listening to a track from the Eurythmics album he thought, now there’s a title of a play.  Five days later, ‘There Must Be an Angel’ was written, proofread and copyrighted . Rather than send to one of his publishers to have it immediately published, he sat on it, so it could be used for this production and for those involved to have the honour to have its premiere.

Proceeds from the play will go to cancer charity FORCE – working locally to support anyone affected by cancer.

Colin has known many who have benefited from FORCE via local am-dram and is pleased to be able to support them.